About Us

2016 PRYCA Board Members

Pat Croft


Fairfax Yacht Club and Occoquan Yacht Club
e-mail: Commodore@pryca.us

Don Bennett

Vice Commodore

Westmoreland Yachting Association and Occoquan Yacht Club
e-mail: ViceCommodore@pryca.us

Michelle Johnson

Rear Commodore

Seafarers Yacht Club and Occoquan Yacht Club
e-mail: RearCommodore@pryca.us

Dan OKeefe

Fleet Captain

Mount Vernon Yacht Club
e-mail: FleetCaptain@pryca.us

Steve Preda


Quantico Yacht Club and Occoquan Yacht Club
e-mail: Treasurer@pryca.us

Debbie Ruttenberg


Port of Washington Yacht Club
e-mail: Secretary@pryca.us

Phil Rogers

Immediate Past Commodore

Aquia Harbor Yacht Club and Westmoreland Yachting Association
e-mail: IPC@pryca.us

Member at Large (MAL)

Cathy Corbin


Seafarers Yacht Club
e-mail: mal-one@pryca.us

Denise Radcliff


Fairfax Yacht Club
e-mail: mal-two@pryca.us

Pat Schondel

MAL Three

Occoquan Yacht Club
email: mal-three@pryca.us

Harold Seigel

MAL Four

National Potomac Yacht Club
e-mail: mal-four@pryca.us

Steve Shipley

MAL Five

Aquia Harbor Yacht Club
e-mail: mal-five@pryca.us